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The Tempest Design

Within my logo I used an image of a shipwreck to symbolize the one at the beginning of The Tempest. I wanted the font of the title to look fancy because when I think of Shakespeare I think fancy even though that may not be the appropriate connotation. Using the shipwreck image helps identify the Tempest because many remember the crash in the very beginning.

I wanted to create a web layout that would be easy to use for everyone. I did this by aligning the logo, text, and images in the center. This allows all of the content to be right there and not hidden to the side. The simple color scheme is also for feasibility for the user and on the eye, to avoid distraction or busyness.

I designed two pages because I believe it is better to have different layouts for different aspects of the website. This will provide contrast to the viewer instead of them seeing very similar pages everywhere they click. Rearranging where the photos and text goes will be helpful to portray each aspect in their own unique way. I put photos and text vertical to one another on my cast page because it is important to keep the elements together so that the text is depicting the person in the photo. However, on the set design page, I put a gallery on the bottom and text about it in two columns. This way the set design can be described in detail then shown in a photo gallery below it.

An aspect of repetition I added was keeping the spacer line underneath the page title in order to not mush all the different texts together. I also kept the page bar and logo on both pages to allow the viewer to appropriately navigate the website.

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